~The Vows~

Religious profession is an act of adoration of God
impelling us to lose our life that we may find it.
– Poor Clare Constitutions

By our Vow of Poverty we are emptied of things to be filled with eternal riches; we are set free from our slavery to materialism, secularism and consumerism.  This v0w deepens our baptismal gift of hope, for we hope in God to provide for our every need.

By our Vow of Obedience we are surrendered to Christ and live by His Will for us as expressed through our Rule and superiors, and we share in His redeeming mission.  This vow deepens our baptismal gift of faith and we are set free from self-centeredness and willfulness.

By our Vow of Pure and Chaste love, we become Brides of Christ and spiritual mothers of countless souls.  This deepens our baptismal gift of charity, enabling us to experience spiritual maternity and be fruitful in the Kingdom of God.

By our Vow of Enclosure we are consecrated for a life of intimate union with God; pledging to live within the solitude of the cloister of our monastery.  Although this vow physically separates us from those in the world, it enables us to be more profoundly united with them in the Heart of Christ.

“In her solitude and silence which Clare chooses…communion with God becomes a reality”
– Blessed John Paul II