~Monastic Schedule~

A life of Prayer
The life of a Poor Clare is preeminently one of prayer.  It is one of adoration and praise of God in His Eucharistic Presence simply because He is God.  It is also one of petition for the whole human family.


Our contemplative life finds its source and summit in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours around which our entire day revolves.  Our day also includes periods of work, meals and recreation which give balance to our monastic living.

Midnight Matins:    Midnight Office of Readings
5:00 AM Rise
5:20 AM Lauds:  Morning Prayer
6:15 AM Terce:  Midmorning Prayer
6:30 AM Holy Mass
7:15 AM Adoration
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Work Period and Novitiate Instruction
11:10 AM Sext:  Midday Prayer
11:45 AM Dinner
1:30 PM None:  Midafternoon Prayer and Scriptural Reading
2:00 PM Work Period
3:50 PM Adoration (meditation)
4:40 PM Vespers:  Evening Prayer
5:30 PM Collation  (a light meal)
6:15 PM Recreation
7:30 PM Compline:  Night Prayer
9:00 PM Retire to Bed