Vocation Information

Among the other favors which we have received and do daily receive from our benefactor the Father of Mercies, for which we ought to return the more thanks to that glorious Father, outstanding  is our vocation.
-Testament of Saint Clare

Young women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are eligible as applicants to our community.  Baptism, Confirmation, good health and at least a high school education are among the other basic requirements.  Because a vocation is first and foremost a gift from God, we also look for signs that the young woman is being invited by Him to live our form of life.  Other helpful qualities include courage, a spirit of prayerfulness and service, generosity, a sense of humor and above all the desire to freely and joyfully respond to God’s call for love of Him and for the whole world.

The six years of initial formation is the process that prepares young women

for a life of vowed consecration to God as a Poor Clare Nun.  This period of growth and transformation takes place gradually through the unfolding of days and seasons and the liturgical atmosphere that gives shape to our way of life.

During the first year of initial formation, the postulant wears a brown jumper with a white blouse and a short brown veil with her hair showing

Postulancy – After entering the monastery, the postulant is introduced to our daily schedule, our customs and the spirituality of the contemplative Poor Clare way of life. The postulant’s life of prayer, like that of the sisters, includes daily Mass and celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic adoration, meditation on the Word of God and the Rosary.

She spends the year of postulancy in prayerful discernment, seeking to discover if she is truly being called to the joyous and wholehearted service to God and this community.

Novices assist in a variety of work areas including the cloister chapel, the kitchen and the laundry.

Noviceship –  The two-year noviceship begins when the postulant is clothed in the religious habit, white veil and cord without knots. During the ceremony she receives her religious name, becoming the newest sister of the community.

These years are a time for the novice to intensify her love for Christ and to grow in her understanding of Gospel living. With an open heart, she studies the vows as lived in the spirit of Saint Clare, and is led deeper into the mystery of her Poor Clare vocation.

During the Mass of Temporary Profession, the sister receives a crown of flowers, while the community sings Come, Bride of Christ, receive the crown the Lord has prepared for you for eternity.

Juniorate – It is during the Mass of Temporary Profession that the novice pronounces her vows and receives the black veil and cord with four knots, which are symbolic of the vows.

Having committed herself to following Christ more closely in poverty, chastity, obedience and enclosure, the junior sister begins to share more fully in the activities of the community. She spends this period of three years preparing her heart to seal her commitment in solemn vows.  It is a time of joyful anticipation.

Solemn Profession – When the time of temporary profession is completed, the sister makes her solemn profession of vows.  At the Mass, she receives a silver ring, a symbol that she is forever consecrated to God as a Bride of Christ. The crown of thorns on her head shows her desire to be a witness of Christ’s redemptive love for the world.

Her future lies open before her and she moves forward with the certainty that it is in giving up everything to follow Christ that she will find everything her heart desires.

If you would like to know more about the Poor Clare vocation, please write to:
Reverend Mother Abbess
Monastery of the Poor Clares
1175 N. 300 W.
Kokomo, IN 46901