Monastic Schedule

Horarium:  Our Daily Schedule

12:00 AM Matins: (Office of Readings) with the Blessed Sacrament exposed
5:00 AM Rise
5:20 AM Community Prayers followed by Lauds (Morning Prayer) and the Angelus
6:15 AM Terce (Midmorning Prayer)
6:30 AM The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
7:15 AM Eucharistic Adoration (Thanksgiving and Mental Prayer)
8:10 AM Work Blessing and Breakfast—coffee and bread
8:30 AM Work Period and Novitiate Class
11:10 AM Sext (Midday Prayer) followed by Community Prayers and Particular Examen
11:45 AM Dinner (and the Angelus) followed by dishes
1:00 PM Quiet time:  free time for Lectio Divina, rest, walk outdoors, etc.
1:30 PM None (Midafternoon Prayer) followed by Community Prayers–Rosary on Sundays
2:00 PM Work Period
3:50 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Mental Prayer)—Franciscan Crown Rosary on Saturdays
4:40 PM Vespers (Evening Prayer)
5:30 PM Collation (a light meal) followed by dishes
6:20 PM Recreation
7:30 PM Community Prayers—and Rosary on weekdays—followed by Compline (Night Prayer)
9:15 PM Lights Out