Poor Clares begin on earth the occupation of the blessed in Heaven.  It was for the contemplation of God that we were created.  And when all activities have ceased, when earth no longer turns on its orbit, and the sun has vanished in smoke, the work of contemplation alone will go on for all eternity.  If there were not a single child to teach, no unbeliever to convert, no sick to nurse, the vocation of the Poor Clare would still endure.  She is called by God not so much to do anything as to be something.  Her life prefigures eternity.


Our Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is open to the public and offered daily at 6:30 am.
1175 N. 300 W. Kokomo, IN 46901






Lift Up Your Hearts….
Let us always regret that we have but one heart
with which to love God, and that this heart
is so poor and weak.
But such as it is, God asks it of us!
Let us give it to Him
Constantly and completely.
Let Him have this poor heart for time and eternity.
– St. Colette, November 1446